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Swiss Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles, California.

Until recently, as a MFA student at Art Center and Freelance Graphic Designer, I offer a proven ability to conduct creative projects. With a total of 12 years of experience, I am adept in concept design, project management, print production, web implementations, brand strategies and marketing.


My background includes corporate, freelance, and academic graphic design experience. I possess a wide range of abilities that combine multimedia, technology, and design, and my key focus is to always exceed client and employer expectations. I excel at designing layouts, corporate identities and branding, packaging design, typography, as well as other print and digital projects.

In Switzerland a Multimedia Design apprenticeship with Federal VET Diploma made an exciting and insightful start to my career.

Over the 4 years as an apprentice, I was responsible for all aspects of designing, from marketing collateral to print and web design.

Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from FIDM in Los Angeles led to a position at the Branding Iron Worldwide on the Netflix team. From designing marketing presentations to creating streaming partner placements, this role provided me significant experience in the corporate environment and the entertainment industry. 


My passion has remained strong throughout my career. Dedication, inspiration, and determination are my foundation for success. Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to challenges both motivate and drive me. I'm a team player, very outgoing, communicative, and curious. I enjoy the fusion of art and technology in my field.

© 2021 Jennifer Ryf

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